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Social Responsibility initiatives

The group’s implemented CSR (Corporate & Social Responsibility) program covers a wide range of actions. These are conducted throughout the year, in every part of the country and cover many aspects of social life, such as: food distribution and healthcare services to people suffering from serious illnesses, discounts and offers for products and services to the unemployed and needy, support to institutions and charitable organizations, participation in voluntary activities involving cleaning of premises and environmental protection. MIG employees sensitively and responsibly offer their valuable assistance wherever necessary and feasible.

The Social Responsibility program of Greece’s largest investment holding company, according to Mr. Vgenopoulos, addresses several sectors and affects one out of three households in the country or 35% of the households with children. At least one of the products or services offered by the group’s portfolio companies reaches this population. The Group companies’ consistent target is to reimburse their customers, and the society overall, with part of the benefits generated.

Apart from the social contribution, there is a sizeable economic contribution to the Greek society as well as to the Greek state from the Group companies’ activities. During 2008-2011, the Group’s companies paid to the Greek state €638.7m for taxes, €275.3m for employer contributions to the pension funds, while the Group employees’ contribution to the pension funds amounted to €157.5m. In the aforesaid four-year period, the income generated and distributed to the Group employees has exceeded €2bn.

One of the most important social responsibility initiatives undertaken during 2012 was the substantial contribution to the development of Chios island that suffered a devastating fire which struck mainly the mastic trees, a unique source of wealth for the region. The aim was to protect the unique and famous product of Chios island, by helping rebuilding the capital lost. MIG purchased from a local nursery garden and donated 9,000 mastic trees to local producers, who witnessed the destruction of their property. This offer is symbolic but essential at the same time for the support of the future revenue generation of both the local farmers and the Chios Mastic Growers Association. With this initiative, MIG and Blue Star Ferries sent a message of hope for the development of any region that can invest in branded and dynamic products.



Important social responsibility initiatives
Aiming at the local communities

The local communities of the Aegean islands are daily destinations for the ATTICA GROUP fleet and hence become our top priority in accordance with the Group’s corporate values.

An important social responsibility initiative is the systematic response to numerous requests for donations or indirect sponsorships of local communities, mainly from the islands of the Aegean. The Group has been focusing its social initiatives to the domains of local tradition and sports. In this context, the Attica Group offered, for yet another year, reduced or free tickets to cultural societies and sports clubs, supporting the progress of local cultural and sporting activities.

The company is also implementing a series of initiatives aiming to support the local society at a social, as well as environmental, level. Two noteworthy activities are the following:

«Sun protection» Programme

For the fourth consecutive year, the Group organized free medical examinations of skin moles, in collaboration with “Melampus – The Organization for the Prevention and Treatment of Melanoma”, assisted by local doctors and institutions. Awareness speeches were also held, aiming to inform island inhabitants who enjoy the Greek sun, regarding the threats of prolonged exposure to the sun as well as the methods of cancer prevention.

During the months of May and June 2012, Blue Star Ferries and the medical team travelled to the islands of Ios and Santorini. A total of 707 adults and children have been examined and dozens of people learned about the proper methods of protection, which lead to beneficial exposure to sun rays and eliminate health hazards.

Furthermore, Blue Star Ferries handed out informative leaflets to the islands’ inhabitants regarding the proper ways of self-examination. The leaflets are also available throughout the year at the company’s central and local agencies as well as the Attica Group domestic itinerary ferries.

Traditional professions

Blue Star Ferries features on its official website (, a list of professions and traditional crafts that become increasingly scarce. This effort aims to revive and preserve all these professions, to highlight the role of local communities as well as to preserve and protect our national heritage.

From 2010 until present the «Traditional Professions» list has included 24 islands, recording the cases of 65 people (38 in 2011 and 28 in 2012) who insist on preserving traditional crafts.

Attica Group



Hygeia Group

The Hygeia Group is fully aware of the sensitive nature of its sector, as the gift of health is directly related to the feeling of humanism and responsibility to our fellow humans. For yet another year, in 2012 the Group collaborated with various institutions and societies to offer free health services to organisations and private individuals who lack the necessary resources.

The following examples are indicative:

  • The long term support and care offered to the Parents Association of Children with Cancer «FLOGA», with free radiation therapies, surgical procedures, gamma-knife therapies and high definition diagnostic tests.
  • An extensive programme of free children’s vaccination at the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) clinic in Perama. In 2012 approximately 1000 children have been given injections of basic vaccines from 8 different categories.
  • The Municipality of Athens runs an extensive programme providing aid to the homeless by covering their basic needs. The programme has been supported by the MIG Group companies, the staff of the HYGEIA Group and the Group’s subsidiary companies.
  • The Hygeia Group, aiming to send a different message to the Greek people, became the proud sponsor of the Greek Paralympic Team, which took part in the London Games (29/8-9/9/2012). The HYGEIA Group offered financial support to the Paralympic Team for the procurement of sports equipment, as well as free medical – laboratory tests during the period of their preparation. It has also «adopted» 7 athletes, fully catering to their needs.
  • The great Christmas fair of love and solidarity has been organized by the Hygeia Group for families belonging to sensitive social groups at the Municipality of Perama. Companies from the Hygeia and MIG Groups supported the fair. At the event, volunteering members of the Hygeia Group staff offered a variety of homemade foods and sweets, presents were handed to children and a Vivartia Group company offered milk, juice and yoghurt.
  • Hygeia, Mitera and Leto, the three hospitals of the HYGEIA Group, have been supporting the institution of voluntary blood donation. The «Sotiria» hospital (HYGEIA), the Blood Donation Center of the Ippokration hospital (Mitera) and the Second Peripheral Blood Donation Centre of the Laikon Hospital (Leto), have also supported and contributed significantly to the materialization of this project.

Hygeia Group




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