• IT & Telecoms
  • innovation at your doorstep
  • The largest Greek business software vendor delivering comprehensive IT services

  • 2018 Sales:
  • €42m
  • 2017 Sales:
  • €38m
  • Date of original investment:
  • December 2006
  • MIG Ownership (31 December 2018):
  • 85.7%

SingularLogic is the No1 Greek Software Vendor and one of the largest Integrated IT Solutions Group in Greece. Its activities comprise of the development and distribution of business software applications, design and implementation of Integrated IT Solutions for large enterprises of the private and public sector, including distribution and support of well-established international IT products.

SingularLogic has highly skilled personnel, specialized know-how, a broad product portfolio, one of the largest installed client base ( SMEs and large enterprises), a dynamic national distribution network and more than 400 major rolled-out IT projects in both the private and public sector. The company has been the country’s incumbent national elections manager since 1981.

Financial Summary (€m) 2018 2017
Current assets 21 20
Non-current assets 73 76
Total assets 94 96
Total Equity 3 11
Sales 42 38
Net profit / (loss) after minority -7 -14