• Transportation
  • the travel experience
  • The leading passenger ferry operator in the Eastern Mediterranean

  • 2016 Revenue:
  • €269m
  • 2015 Revenue:
  • €278m
  • Date of original investment:
  • October 2007
  • MIG Ownership (31 December 2016):
  • 89.4%

Attica is the leading passenger ferry operator in the Eastern Mediterranean, operating under the well-recognized brands of Superfast Ferries (routes connecting Greece to Ancona, Bari and Venice), Blue Star Ferries (Greek Domestic sea covering all main Greek islands destinations) and most recently Africa Morocco Links (routes connecting Morocco and Spain).

Attica’s modern fleet of 15 top-class conventional Ro-Pax ferries (13 owned) is one of the youngest fleets in the Eastern Mediterranean. Attica is a world leader in newbuilding construction of the fast conventional Ro-Pax ferries in short international and domestic routes with 21 delivered newbuilding vessels and total invested capital of US$1.5bn since 1993.

Attica has been consistently the market leader in the routes it operates, offering reliable and superior quality service. Attica’s leading market shares range between 35-40% in the Adriatic Sea routes and between 40-50% in the Greek domestic sea routes.

Attica Group    
Financial Summary (€m) 2016 2015
Current assets 136 140
Non-current assets 558 569
Total assets 694 709
Total Equity 402 376
Sales 269 278
EBITDA 70 81
Net profit / (loss) after minority 20 33